Proposition 419 creates sustainable funding for public safety

Jail District Creation

Proposition 419 creates a sustainable funding source for public safety by establishing an independent "Special District" to fund the operation and maintenance of the Navajo County Jail system.

The Jail District excise (sales) tax would be 1/3 of a cent per dollar ($.0033) for 20 years.

Jail District Governing Board

The Jail District would be governed by the Navajo County Board of Supervisors, acting as the Navajo County Jail District Board of Directors. The Navajo County Sheriff would still operate the jail and work closely with the Board to ensure proper financing for jail operations.

Voters Must Approve

Navajo County voters must approve Prop 419 in the November election to allow the Board of Directors to raise funds through the "Special District" to finance the operations of the jail.

Why It's Needed

The jail is the largest single expense for Navajo County public safety, and accounts for $5.3 million of the County's general fund budget.

According to State Statute, the Sheriff's Office is required to provide meals, medical service, and reasonable living conditions.

Revenues brought in by the Jail District will allow the County to apply General Fund revenue currently going to the jail to be applied to other areas of public safety, such as the Sheriff's and Attorney's Offices.

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