Navajo County public safety at community events

A Jail District in Navajo County means that you will continue to see strong Public Safety in our communities and in our schools, and allows prosecutors to keep incarcerating people that need to be in jail and off the streets.

What is the cost?

The Jail District would add 1/3 of a cent per dollar ($.0033) to all non-grocery purchases of goods in Navajo County. "Grocery" purchases are exempt from the tax, and generally defined as all food purchases except ready-to-eat foods.


Savings to your communities:

The proposed Jail District would save local cities and towns an estimated $8.5 M over the next 20 years. Without a Jail District, local cities and towns will continue to pay jail fees to incarcerate misdemeanor arrests. Based on current jail fees, here is how much would be saved in your communities and could be spent on other priorities:

  Annual Savings 20 Year Savings
Winslow $114,511 $2,290,220
Holbrook $131,019 $2,620,380
Show Low $113,093 $2,262,860
Snowflake - Taylor $18,513 $370,260
Pinetop/Lakeside $48,386 $967,720