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The building information page provides contact information to Navajo County staff, contacts to local engineers and land surveyors, and contacts to local mobile home setters.  You will also find a list of frequently asked questions relating to building information.  You will also find links to view meeting agendas and minutes as well as the latest meeting schedule.

Same Day Inspection are Limited to Emergencies Only.


When do I need a building permit?
If the remodeling or construction value is more than $ 500 for the value of the labor and materials a permit is required. If you are installing a shed equal to or less than 144 square feet (12 feet by 12 feet) no permit is required. This is along the lines of a prefab shed from a local dealer, or a metal put-it-together shed you buy in a kit, etc. The location needs to be in the back yard 15 feet from the house. If in doubt as to location, give us a call.
Do I need a permit to install or move a Manufactured Home or older Mobile Home to or on my lot for a dwelling?

Yes. Navajo County has the delegation from the State Office of Manufactured Housing to issue permits for the installation of the above types. Older Mobile Homes built prior to June 15, 1976, must be brought up the current safety requirements of the state. They are called Rehabilitated Mobile Homes in our Zoning Code. Local private inspectors can approve the upgrade work and apply a tag to the mobile home generally in the utility room. For the installation, we inspect the location set-backs, blocking and all utility connections that come with the installation permit. The permit fee is $102.00 and can include any porches, decks, cabanas, etc., that come with the dealer installation at the time of set-up. If these items are wanted later on, then a separate permit is required for the addition and it has to be built to building standards that might include concrete foundations, framing, insulation, etc. The county does not inspect Factory Built Buildings as the state still has that inspection program.

My lot needs a septic system. Do I need to have it installed prior to obtaining my building permit for my home or business?
We require that the sewage system be available prior to the construction of the home or business. If on a community sewer system then a release from the operating company is required authorizing the hook-up sometime during construction of the facility. If a septic system is required, then you must first go through and get the soil tested at the desired place for the septic system and then have the system installed and ready for hook-up. In certain cases, the installation may be delayed due to its location being in the way of heavy construction trucks. We can work with the contractor on these case-by-case situations.
How long does it take to get a permit, building, septic system, or otherwise?

After we have the complete submittal, application review is dependent upon many factors, but staff will work to get your permit reviewed and issued in a timely manner. Money Orders, Cashiers Checks, and personal checks are needed for the payment. No cash is accepted for permits. Checks that are returned as Insufficient Funds will have the work STOP ORDERED until the payment is made up plus a $25.00 bad check fee. One bad check and that person, firm, company, etc., will go on our bad check list which will require that any further payment(s) will be by Money Order or Cashiers Check.

Can I build my own home?
Yes, lot owners can build their own house. It has to be to the codes so you need two good set of plans for our review, and then hire contractors for the specialty work such as concrete for the foundation, plumbing/mechanical, electrical, etc. We will do what we can to see you through the process but we are not your designer, engineer, etc.