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All splits or divisions of property located within unincorporated Navajo County (not within town or city limits) are required to go through the Minor Land Division process.  Verifying the zoning, access and minimum allowable size for your parcel is crucial so that the property is within conformance of the respective zoning category and will be eligible for a building permit. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions for more information. 

*Failure to ensure that zoning and building requirements are met may result in a non-conforming lot and a denied building permit.*

  1. Planning & Zoning
    • Provide your completed and notarized application, check and survey with legal descriptions with accommodations for legal access, (24ft width minimum) to each proposed new parcels to the Planning & Zoning department for review.  Deeds will be required if there is a change in ownership.  If the properties will not be changing ownership, a Split Combination Form can be completed in addition to the Minor Land Division Ordinance.  If the necessary documents are already recorded, please provide a copy of the recorded document for a complete package.
  2. Recorder
  3. Assessor
    • The Assessor will receive the documents from the Recorder and new parcels will be drafted. Once drafting is completed the new parcels will be reflected on the parcel map and new parcel numbers will be issued.


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