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The Show Low Office will be closed until further notice.

Doris Clark
Navajo County Recorder
Lilene Sanchez
Navajo County Chief Deputy Recorder
Chief Deputy Recorder

Responsibilities in the Recorder’s Office include recording and maintaining, all documents including electronic recordings presented for permanent public record. All documents are handled in a timely manner and are easily accessible to the public. The Recorder, as Registrar of voters, is responsible for maintaining voter records and conducting early voting with accuracy and consistency in accordance with Federal and State requirements. Voter information is disseminated through our voter outreach program.

Doris welcomes the public to contact her with any questions or concerns. Feel free to email her directly using the Comments Page and her direct phone number is (928) 524-4191. Feel free to contact Lilene with any questions as well; her direct line is (928) 524-4434.


When you present the Recorder's Office with your documents, please note the following:

  • We do not provide forms. Please contact your local office supply store or search for Arizona forms online.

  • Please make sure your documents are completed. We are unable to give you legal advice in completing your documents.

  • We do not have a notary in our office.

  • We will send your Original documents back.

Make checks payable to: Navajo County Recorder

When sending mail through the Postal Service, please use the mailing address of:
Navajo County Recorder
P.O. Box 668
Holbrook, AZ 86025