Navajo County

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Navajo County Public Works

Mission Statement

The Department is charged to construct, improve, repair and maintain County Highways and Streets in a reasonably safe and cost-effective manner and protect the lives and real property of citizens of Navajo County from flooding. To facilitate accomplishing this, the Department has adopted the following basic principles:

  • Implement policies which adhere to State regulations and County ordinances to assure the legal and equitable distribution of resources.
  • Approaches to work-related challenges are to be developed on a team basis. To encourage open communication, regular team meetings will be held. Decisions are to be made and challenges addressed at the lowest organizational level possible.
  • Substantial tasks are to be performed in accordance with schedules, budgets, plans and priorities. Schedules and plans are to be developed and progress monitored on a team basis. Desired results should be accomplished optimally with allowance for cross-training and safety.
  • Safety first in all we do. The Department’s safety policy is to be fully implemented.
  • Adhere to organization chart. All work-related issues should be considered and resolved through the proper channels. Work requests are to go through chain of command so that work loads can be managed.
  • Obtain appropriate equipment and tools which promote efficiency, safety and worker comfort. Maintain equipment and tools in a safe and reliable condition.
  • Strive to treat the public courteously and impartially. Their concerns are to be fully and promptly addressed within the limits of our authority and resources.
  • Effectively communicate and advocate Public Works issues.
  • Commit to excellence.
  • Build employees. Training and career development programs are to be made available to all employees. Positive accomplishments are to be recognized and substandard work corrected.
  • Be positive. Starve problems and feed possibilities. Identify challenges. Resolve them. Or, adapt and go on.
  • Allow for mistakes. Mistakes happen. Learn from them but do not dwell on them.
  • Foster cooperation. Cooperation creates a positive climate that leads to teamwork and more constructive communication.

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