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Secretary Of State Ken Bennett Delivers Election Certificates To Navajo County Elections Officers

News Release

Posted: Feb 3, 2014 By: Hunter Moore

Holbrook, Ariz.(Feb. 3, 2014) —The Arizona Secretary of State, Ken Bennett, visited Navajo County on Monday, February 3, to personally certify many Navajo County officials as State Election Officers. As Arizona's Chief Election Officer, Secretary Bennett must ensure that the county personnel who run elections are competent to perform the work of an election officer, and have received education in the technical, legal and administrative aspects of conducting elections within the State of Arizona.

To accomplish the task of educating the election officers, the Secretary Bennett's office conducts election officer certification every two years. Election officer certification is an intense, week-long educational course, followed by a two-day re-certification course focusing on current election laws and ethics. Every person who participates in the administration of elections must successfully complete the course in order to administer elections in the State.

The Navajo County officials who were certified as election officers included Navajo County Recorder Laurette Justman who has been a certified election officer for over 25 years. “Secretary Bennett and his staff provided an excellent training course to prepare us for the exams. There are so many aspects to administering an election and we always need to have the latest information about all of the new laws regulating elections in the state. It allows the Navajo County employees who actually run the elections to excel in their duties as election officers,” Justman said.

Supervisor Sylvia Allen of District III was on hand for the presentations by Secretary Bennett. During the presentations, the Secretary assured her that Navajo County has a top-notch organization, “Supervisor Allen, I just want you to know that Navajo County's Election Office is well respected across the State, and we appreciate their involvement in the statewide discussion regarding elections. There is a great deal of leadership that comes out of Navajo County, and I want reassure you that this part of rural Arizona is very well served.”

Supervisor Allen quickly responded by saying, “I am not surprised to hear you say that, but it means a great deal to me. Laurette [Justman] and Johnathan [Roes] and their team are a wonderful group, and we are very proud of the work they do.”

Other Navajo County employees who were certified as election officers were Chief Deputy Recorder Laura Sanchez, Election Director Johnathan Roes, School Superintendent Chief Deputy Tami Phillips, Deputy County Attorney Brandt Clark, Clerk of the Board Melissa Buckley, and other members of the Recorder and Superintendent's staff.

Navajo County Certified Election Officers

  • Laurette Justman – Navajo County Recorder
  • Laura Sanchez – Chief Deputy Recorder
  • Johnathan Roes – Election Director
  • Rayleen Richards – Election Coordinator
  • Patricia Bracale – Election/Voter Reg. Assistant
  • Susan Clark – Data Input Specialist
  • Lynnie Bielefeldt – Data Input Specialist
  • Sabrina James – Data Input Specialist
  • Jo Lilene Sanchez – Data Input Specialist
  • Melissa Buckley – Clerk of the Board
  • Tami Phillips – Chief Deputy School Sup.
  • Margarita Mike – Sr. School Finance Specialist
  • Brandt Clark – Deputy County Attorney


NACo Dental Program & Navajo County Celebrate National Children's Dental Health Month

Navajo County Celebrates Reopening of Historic Chevelon Bridge, Territorial Road

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