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Injury Prevention/Preconception Health (Community Health)

Injury Prevention/Preconception Health: (Community Health)

  • Car seats
    Car seat education, car seat checks, provided car seats, for qualifying participants, certification as a car seat technician
  • Coordinated School Health:
    Act as a coordinator/facilitator to- develop a (SHAC) School Health Advisory Council, as a team completes (SHI) School Health Index, locate supports, and assist the school in writing an action plan
  • “Matter of Balance” courses:
    Free courses offered to help prevent falls, assess behavior/attitudes towards falls, and teach exercises to improve balance and strength
  • School/community education & prevention programs Alcohol prevention, vehicle/restraint safety, etc.
  • Healthy Choices/lifestyles education for all ages
  • Health & Safety Policy Promotion
  • Chair/facilitation of the Northeastern Arizona Safe Kids Chapter

Injury Prevention/Preconception Health (Community Health):

This is a community driven program offering classes on healthy lifestyles and safety.

  • Health Screening form, healthy choices classes, community resources, and Folic Acid distribution.
  • Policy education, promotion, and enforcement.
  • Prevention education (schools/community events/clubs): vehicle safety, restraints, alcohol, helmet safety, outdoor safety, home safety, water safety, pedestrian safety, bike safety, etc.
  • Facilitation of the Northeastern Arizona Safe Kids Chapter (open membership focusing on children’s safety age 0-18).
  • “Matter of Balance Courses” 8 free courses to view falls as controllable, increase activity levels, change risky behaviors/environment, and exercises to increase strength and balance.
  • Healthy Living Self-Management Courses for Chronic Illness- 6 free courses those with chronic illness including mental illness and/or their care takers.
  • Coordinated School Health: schools can access to complete a self-evaluation of health and safety promotion, locate resources, and be supported through writing and implementation of a corrective action plan.

For more information please contact Program Manager:
Amy Stradling (928) 524-4750

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