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Environmental Health

Our Mission

Navajo County Office of Environmental Health maintains a delegation agreement with the Arizona Department of Health Services which grants us enforcement authority over Food Establishments, Retail Food, Bars/Lounges, School Food and Sanitation, Hotels/Motels, Trailer Coach Parks, Swimming Pools/ Spas, Summer Camps, Temporary and Mobile Food Units, and Water and Wastewater haulers. Inspections of Food Establishments are Critical Control Based whereby the focus is on handling practices which are more likely to lead directly to a Food Borne Illness. We believe that education is a recipe for prevention. We are always ready and willing to take the time to educate operators and employees on the best food safety management practices as they would apply to their operation in an effort to reduce or eliminate Food Borne Illnesses and Outbreaks.

We also inspect and enforce Public Nuisance Complaints covered under A.R.S. 36-601 Nuisances Dangerous to Public Health. Common Violations include but are not limited to: Septic/ Sewage complaints, Household Garbage complaints, Fly and Vector complaints, and Smoke Free Arizona complaints and referrals. Complaints involving Landlord/ Tennant relationships, Mold, Odors, and unsightly or junk ridden properties generally do not fall into the category of Nuisances Dangerous to Public Health and thus we have no enforcement authority over.

Restaurant Information

Anyone operating, or looking into operating, a Restaurant, Bar, Hotel/Motel, Trailer Park, Campground, Day-care center, School, or Temporary /Mobile Food Operation is required to obtain a Permit to Operate by the Navajo County Public Health Services District. Our permits run on a fiscal year beginning on July 1st and running through June 30th of each year. Plans must be timely submitted for review to insure your establishment will meet the requirements of any applicable laws and regulations. We work together with local building and zoning officials in an effort to streamline the construction and approval process. To obtain an application for a Permit to Operate or Plan Review, please go to the permit fee schedule.

Permits to Operate will NOT be granted without a prior inspection. For answers to any questions, or to schedule or request an inspection or a free consultation, please contact a Sanitarian in either the Holbrook or Show Low Office locations.

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