Navajo County

Proudly Serving, Continuously Improving Since 1895

Navajo County Superintendent of Schools

Cedar USD #25

MP 408, East of Highway 264
P.O. Box 367
Keams Canyon, Arizona 86034
Grades K-8

Board Members
Meet: 2nd Wednesday 5:30 p.m.
4th Wednesday if a special meeting

(vacant) 11/08/16
(vacant) 11/08/16
Francis Ambrose 12/31/18
Ladybird Jack 12/31/18

District Office

Superintendent’s Office
Phone: 928-738-2366
Fax: 928-738-5404

Business Office
Phone: 928-738-2367
Fax: 928-738-5275

Dr. Kim Randall, Superintendent
Valarie Kooyaquaptewa, Secretary
C. Gail Begay, Business Office Manager

Jeddito School

MP 408, East of Highway 264
Phone: 928-738-2334
Fax: 928-738-5134
Dr. Kim Randall, Principal
Patricia Yellowhair, Secretary
Grades K-8

Updated: 04/21/2015

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