Navajo County

Proudly Serving, Continuously Improving Since 1895

Navajo County Superintendent of Schools

Snowflake USD #5

682 School Bus Lane
Snowflake, Arizona 85937
Grades K-12

Board Members
Meet: 2nd Thursday at 7:00 p.m.

Mr. Charles Foote 12/31/18
Mr. Cory Johnson 12/31/16
Mr. Shea Flake 12/31/16
Ms. Carol S. Palmer 12/31/16
Ms. Carole L. Owens 12/31/18

District Office

Phone: 928-536-4156
Fax: 928-536-2634
Hollis J. Merrell, Superintendent
Tohna Rogers, Secretary
Mark Ollerton, Business Manager
Cindy Peterson, Special Education Director
Janet Hall, Receptionist

Taylor Elementary School

300 East 29 South-Taylor
Phone: 928-536-4156
Fax: 928-536-6887
Jeremy Hatch, Principal
Jennifer Manning, Secretary
Grades K-3

Snowflake Intermediate School

62 W. 2nd South-Snowflake
Phone: 928-536-4156
Fax: 928-536-2995
Jody Bentz, Principal
Joyce Brimhall, Secretary
Grades 4-6

Taylor Intermediate School

207 North 500 West-Taylor
Phone: 928-536-4156
Fax: 928-536-7225
Debbie Muder, Principal
Sherri Linn McCleve, Secretary
Grades 4-6

Highland Primary School

361 West 7th South Street-Snowflake
Phone: 928-536-4156
Fax: 928-536-3006
Roy Owens, Principal
Luanna Hatch, Secretary
Grades K-3

Snowflake Jr High School

1380 S. Main Street-Snowflake
Phone: 928-536-4156
Fax: 928-536-3007
Brian Hoopes, Principal
Jean Simmons, Secretary
Grades 7-8

Snowflake High School

190 South 200 West-Snowflake
Phone: 928-536-4156
Fax: 928-536-4240
Larry Titus, Principal
Neal Westover, Assistant Principal
Susan Camacho, Secretary
Grades 9-12

Updated: 04/21/2015

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