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Navajo County Superintendent of Schools

HOPE School

Navajo County Governmental Center
100 E. Code Talkers Drive
P.O. Box 668
Holbrook, Az 86025
Phone: 928-524-4312
Fax: 928-524-4281

The purpose of Hope School is to provide continuing educational services for incarcerated students enrolled in local schools and to encourage those who have dropped out or have been expelled to return to school: public, charter, private or home instruction.

In addition to the basic-core curriculum offered in Arizona schools, we offer pre-employment, social and life skills, substance abuse and AIDS awareness. We also provide Title I, Exceptional Student Services and GED programs.

The juvenile education program implements a transition program. The students are assisted in developing an exit plan aimed toward going back to school and graduating. The “Merging of Two-Worlds” curriculum is used. This combines pre-employment skills with Arizona State Academic Standards.

HOPE School Staff

Lannie Gillespie, Administrator

Ron Simmons, Teacher

Angela Granillo, Teacher

Jail Education Program

The adult education program will also be utilizing a transition program. The adults, ages 18-22 who have not completed high school and are special ed., are required to develop an exit plan aimed toward obtaining employment after release. The adults are instructed on resume and cover letter writing, interview skills and personal appearance skills.

Jail Education Staff

Lannie Gillespie, Administrator

Ron Simmons, Teacher

Angela Granillo, Teacher

Lelanie Solidarious

For more information about the Hope School Program or Jail Education Program, please contact Lannie Gillespie at 928-524-4312 or e-mail at

Updated: 04/22/2015

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