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Generated: 04/18/2014 21:00

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14-000949 ADAY, ANDREW 8/13/86HOLB-JAIL-J -POD1-111B  
13-004386 ALCHESAY, ALEXANDER L. 12/24/69HOLB-JAIL-K -POD1-114B  
14-000179 ALLEN, ISAIAH 5/15/81HOLB-JAIL-K -POD1-105B  
14-000688 ALTAMIRANO, APRIL S. 8/16/89HOLB-JAIL-C -C-7 -7-B  
14-001315 ANAGAL, DARRYL D. JR 12/20/87HOLB-JAIL-J -POD4-407B  
14-000277 ANDRADES, JUAN R. 3/28/81HOLB-JAIL-J -POD2-214B  
14-001003 ARTIAGA, GAIL 1/6/84HOLB-JAIL-C -C-3 -2-T  
14-001335 ATTAKAI, JAMESON L. 11/20/88HOLB-JAIL-J -POD2-203T  
14-000740 ATTAKAI, RUSSELL JR 1/17/83HOLB-JAIL-J -POD3-311B  
14-000654 ATTAKAI, VERNA M. 10/8/64HOLB-JAIL-B -OPEN-03-M  
13-004164 BACA, RICHARD A. 5/3/86HOLB-JAIL-K -POD2-214T  
14-000440 BAILEY, JARED J. 7/31/95HOLB-JAIL-K -POD2-205T  
14-000711 BALDWIN, COURTNEY A. 11/17/91HOLB-JAIL-B -OPEN-08-M  
14-001098 BALLEJOS, YOLANDA M. 6/24/67HOLB-JAIL-D -C-4 -4-B  
12-003535 BEDONIE, NATHAN 6/28/79HOLB-JAIL-J -POD1-111F  
14-000649 BEDONIE, WOODY JR 10/31/62HOLB-JAIL-J -POD1-105B  
14-001339 BEGAY, FREDRICK Y. 10/5/82HOLB-JAIL-K -POD3-304B  
14-000860 BEGAY, KEVIN G. 7/10/72HOLB-JAIL-J -POD2-202T  
14-001235 BEGAY, KRISFORD J. 5/4/87HOLB-JAIL-J -POD1-112B  

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