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Navajo County Court Administrator
Marla Randall

Marla Randall began her career with the Navajo County Courts is 1989 as a legal secretary to the then newly formed Legal Defender’s Office. She began work in Court Administration in 1991 as a Court Assessment Officer and Lower Court Administrator. In 2002, she was appointed Court Administrator for the Navajo County Courts.

Marla is married, between her and her husband they have five children and five grandchildren. She has lived in Navajo County since 1974, and attended Show Low High School. She is a graduate of the National Center for State Courts Court Management and Certified Court Executive Programs, and the Bob Ramsey Executive Education Program for Public Management through Arizona State University.

Marla was appointed as a member of the Limited Jurisdiction Committee and the Committee on the Impact of Domestic Violence in the Court by Chief Justice Rebecca White Berch. She is also a committee member of the state-wide Arizona FARE program and the General and Limited Jurisdiction Case Management Steering Committees, in addition to other committees at the Arizona Supreme Court.

Marla is a member of the Arizona Association of Superior Court Administrators, the National Association of Court Management, and the Limited Jurisdiction Court Administrators Association.



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