Navajo County

Proudly Serving, Continuously Improving Since 1895

Navajo County Superior Courts
Juvenile Probation

Mission Statement

To serve the Navajo County Superior Court in the execution and enforcement of its rights and duties by authority granted to the Judiciary in the Arizona Constitution and Arizona Revised Statutes.


  • To act as officers of the Superior Court in Administering court ordered mandates for the accountability of the offender in juvenile delinquency and incorrigible issues.
  • To prescribe and monitor treatment strategies for the rehabilitation of juveniles accused of a delinquent act or status offense in Navajo County.
  • To act as a resource to parents, schools, law enforcement and other agencies, and the community when dealing in juvenile matters.
  • To collect data in a timely and accurate manner for dissemination to the Arizona Supreme Court to conform with grant funding contracts and administrative orders.
  • To determine the risk of a juvenile to the community and to supervise the child within the parameters of the accepted policies and procedures of the department for the safety and good of the community.
  • To determine the needs of a juvenile when referred to the department and to allocate resources (as applicable and based on availability) to fulfill (when possible) the assessed needs.
  • To enhance personal skills and improve competencies of juvenile offenders for adjustment into society at-large.
  • To operate a juvenile detention center to meet each individual detainee’s nutritional, emotional, spiritual, educations, recreational, hygienic, and physical needs while detained.

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