County Attorney

Welcome to the Navajo County Attorney's Office website. Here you will find information about our various departments, along with a number of helpful forms.

The Navajo County Attorney's Office provides many services to the citizens of Navajo County. Prosecuting crime is our primary function along with providing legal advice to the county's elected officials and departments. However, we also provide a variety of other services to citizens, such as assistance with adoptions, bad check recovery, and services to victims and witnesses.

We serve all of Navajo County, including our citizens living on the Navajo Nation, the Hopi reservation and the White Mountain Apache reservation. While most crimes on tribal lands fall under federal or tribal jurisdiction, several cases each year (especially those involving the transportation of drugs) are prosecuted by the Navajo County Attorney's Office.

The Navajo County Attorney's Office also assists with negotiating intergovernmental agreements between the county, state, cities and towns, tribal authorities and federal agencies such as the Bureau of Indian Affairs. These agreements foster close working partnerships among the participants and often benefit tribal lands by providing for the creation and maintenance of roads, ensuring a coordinated approach to critical activities such as homeland security and public health, and enhancing law enforcement and emergency preparedness.

We are proud of our part in fostering closer relationships with the tribal governments and providing comprehensive services to all the citizens of Navajo County.