Ways to Protect Your Business

  • attorney in courtRequire a valid Arizona driver’s license. Arizona identification cards should be viewed with caution. Military identification cards do not help in finding persons who write bad checks.
  • Ask for a work telephone number and address. Require a physical address when a check only contains a P.O. Box number.
  • Write the check writer’s Arizona driver’s license number on the front of the check. Do not write identification information on the back of the check as the bank stamp may obscure the information. In the case of pre-printed license numbers on checks, be sure to compare the number with the actual driver’s license of the check writer.
  • Verify the photograph and physical description on the driver’s license. They must match the person writing the check.
  • Accept only checks written with today’s date. Pre–dated and post–dated checks are not eligible for the Bad Check Program and usually, cannot be prosecuted.
  • Only accept checks for the amount of purchase: Don’t accept checks written on new accounts. A high percentage of bad checks are written on checks numbered between 90 and 150.
  • Don’t accept previously signed checks: Make sure the check writer signs in the presence of you or an employee.
  • Make sure the numerical amount and the word amount match: Banks do not honor checks with discrepancies between numerical and word amounts.

Remember: Asking for identification not only helps protect your business, but also your customers if their checks are ever stolen.