Victims / Witness Services

Mission Statement

Ensuring a continuum of care for victims through partnership and coordination of local resources; advocating with compassion for the rights of victims through trauma-informed assistance and inclusive support, while respectfully providing them the opportunity to realize restorative justice.


No one can fully appreciate the range of emotions experienced by victims of crime — except other victims and those who assist them. There is no way to prepare for the feelings of helplessness and frustration a crime victim may endure.

The goal of the Victim and Witness Services staff is help victims and witnesses recover faster and more completely from the effects of crime by providing them with (or arranging for them to receive) services to help meet their material, emotional and informational needs.

Roxanne Pergeson is the Manager of Victim Services. Roxanne and her staff of victim advocates and volunteers are committed to providing help and services to victims of crime who find themselves overwhelmed by their circumstances and the complexities of the criminal justice system. The advocates are trained to provide emotional support, financial links, important information about how the system works, and other services to reduce the trauma and insensitivity that victims suffer after a crime. They are equipped to navigate victims through the legal system, directing them to agencies and organizations that offer assistance and emergency services.

The victim advocates and volunteers concentrate on three main areas:

Victim Assistance

Victim Assistance includes crisis counseling services and referrals, providing information to victims about the criminal justice system and prosecution, accompanying victims to court proceedings, and numerous other services to help ensure that victims are treated with fairness, respect, and dignity.

Victim Notification

Victim Notification includes providing notice to victims of crime (via telephone, email or letter) of upcoming court hearings as mandated by Arizona law. It also includes providing victims with written materials that identify and explain the Victims' Bill of Rights and the process for receiving restitution for economic losses directly related to the crime.

Victim Compensation

Victim Compensation focuses on the payment of money to victims of personal or violent crimes for their out-of-pocket expenses related to the crime. Compensable expenses may include: 

  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Expenses of mental health counseling

The Crime Victim Compensation Board reviews all claims, makes award decisions and disburses funds to assist eligible victims of crime in accordance with statewide rules.

More Information

For more information about Victim Services, you may contact the Navajo County Attorney's Office at 928-524-4026 or by email.

If you have concerns regarding victim rights, please email the director.

Volunteers are critical to the success of our program! Take this link if you are interested in becoming a volunteer victim advocate.

Navajo County Victim Services will not discriminate on the bases of race, creed, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, or disability status in providing victim services to the citizens of Navajo County. Navajo County Victim Services will provide services to ALL victims of crime. If you feel that you have been discriminated against by the Victim Services department, please reference the link below titled "Discrimination Complaint Procedure" to get information on how to file a formal complaint.

Message from Brad Carlyon, County Attorney

Brad CarlyonCrime victims deserve justice, which is why the Navajo County Attorney's Office prosecutes thousands of criminal and juvenile cases every year. Crime victims also need support and assistance from experienced professionals to help them through the criminal justice system and to assist with the recovery of their economic loss.

Navajo County has a comprehensive victim's assistance program and I am proud of the individuals who work in my Victim Services Department. These dedicated and hardworking advocates will ensure that all victims receive the assistance and support they need and deserve.

I encourage all crime victims to work with their prosecutors and victim service advocate to ensure that justice is done.

Brad Carlyon Signature