Civil Division

The key role of the Civil Division is to serve as the "in-house law firm" for the Navajo County Board of Supervisors and the various County departments and officials. Our civil attorneys provide day-to-day legal advice to these clients and represent them in administrative hearings and court cases.

The Civil Division is also responsible for enforcing the County building, zoning and health ordinances; assisting the Public Fiduciary in guardianship, conservatorship and probate cases; handling the legal aspects of ensuring that people with serious mental disorders receive appropriate treatment; drafting ordinances, contracts and other legal documents; helping defend the County against claims; and taking a proactive role to protect the legal and financial interests of the County (and the taxpayers) by making sure that County departments and officials are kept informed of legal requirements and new developments in the law.

By statute, our civil attorneys are also authorized to provide legal guidance and representation to Fire Districts, School Districts and all types of special taxing districts for which the Board of Supervisors serves as the Board of Directors (such as County Road Improvement Districts and the Public Health Services District). They are also happy to provide training and guidance on the Open Meeting law, Public Records law and Conflict of Interest laws to any public agency that is subject to these laws - or to any citizen group that simply has an interest in these laws.

For those who attempt to profit from illegal transportation and sales of drugs, the Civil Division also pursues civil forfeiture of the assets of criminals that have been used in drug-related crimes and certain other types of criminal activities.

The Navajo County Attorney's Office is only authorized to provide legal representation to Navajo County and other political subdivisions of the State when specifically authorized by statute. The Navajo County Attorney's Office is not authorized to provide legal advice to private citizens.