Client Responsibilities

  • Keep your defense attorney and if applicable, Pretrial Services, advised of your current address and phone number. If you want to discuss your case with your defense attorney, call our office and leave a message that you wish to make an appointment. If you leave a voicemail for the attorney, pronounce your name and telephone number clearly.
  • If you have a hearing pending in Justice Court, your defense attorney will probably not have received police reports from the Prosecutor until the day before or sometimes not until the hearing date.
  • Consider your attire when you appear for court. Appropriate dress signals the Court and the Prosecutor that you take your case seriously.
  • If the court appoints a public defender for you, do not discuss your case with anyone except your attorney, particularly on the telephone from the jail. Those conversations are recorded.
  • Show up for your court appearances fifteen minutes early. If you cannot appear, you must call our office in advance of the hearing and explain why you cannot be present. A failure to appear usually results in a warrant for your arrest.