Court System

Drug Court is a court-managed drug intervention and treatment program. Drug Court may be offered by the Prosecutor to a defendant who is or will be placed on probation. There may be significant benefits such as dismissal of the charges (deferred prosecution) upon successful completion of the program. 

The Defense Attorney will review the terms of a Drug Court plea agreement with the defendant after researching the case and all defenses, and after determining that the Prosecutor is willing to offer a Drug Court plea agreement. An assessment and interview will determine whether the defendant is a substance abuser. If eligible for Drug Court after the assessment, the defendant must be willing to commit to the entire program. The program may be successfully completed within one year. 

Drug Court is currently held in Holbrook and Show Low Justice Courts. Termination from the program occurs if the Drug Court Committee determines that the defendant will not complete the program successfully. That decision is based on circumstances including but not limited to new felony or misdemeanor convictions; violent behavior or threats of violence towards self or others; inappropriate, disruptive, or noncompliant behavior; continued violations of program rules; or if the participant absconds from the program. In that event, the defendant's probation will be revoked and sentencing will be for the original charge set forth in the Drug Court plea agreement. More information may be obtained in the Drug Court Orientation Manual.