Building, Zoning & Code Enforcement Forms

Digital Permitting

Members of the public can submit permits digitally by using Planning and Development Services' MaintStar Permitting Center.

Administrative Waiver

The director of development services may, in the director's sole discretion, grant an administrative waiver of up to 15% from any dimensional requirement(s) set forth in this zoning ordinance (including lot area, lot width, lot coverage, setback, building height and any other requirement stated in feet or square feet) in circumstances where strict compliance would not be desirable or feasible.

Building Code

Building Permit

The Building and Safety Division administers the county's issuance of construction permits for new construction, houses, commercial facilities, alteration/additions to such, signs, meter loops, gas hook-ups, barns/sheds/garages, porches/decks, grading over 50 cubic yards, well site reviews, etc., and percolation/soil evaluations, convention septic systems and some alternative septic systems in the non-reservation portion of the county.

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division handles all junk and debris complaints in the unincorporated areas of the county. Violations include abandoned vehicles, accumulation of garbage, junk, etc., located on private property. Enforcement activities are handled on a complaint basis only and there is a standard form that must be completed by the complainant. Anonymous complaints are not accepted. Property owners who fail to comply in a reasonable time period are issued citations. They then must attend administrative hearings at which time the Hearing Officer determines responsibility and assesses fines accordingly. Please use the Complaint Form to submit a complaint.


Final Plat

After approval of a Tentative Plat by the Commission, the subdivider may, within one year, cause a Final Plat of the Subdivision or any part thereof to be prepared in accordance with a complete survey of the subdivision and in compliance with the approved Tentative Plat within provisions of these Regulations.

Grading Permit

A grading permit is required for any movement and/or placement of more than fifty cubic yards (50 cy) of dirt or fill. Failure to comply with a grading permit will result in a stop work order and a citation from Navajo County Development Services.

Guest House Permit

Master Development Plan

A plan, prepared to scale, showing accurately and with complete dimensioning, the boundaries of a site and the locations of all buildings, structures, uses and principal site development features proposed for a specific parcel of land.

Mobile/Manufactured Homes

Septic System Protocols

Navajo County Septic System Protocols and Guidance Manual

Site Plan Example

Special Development

Zone Change and Master Development Site Plan or Site Plan Amendment Application.

  • Special Development 

Special Event Permit

Special Event Permit for short-term events.

Special Use Permit

Special Use Permit For Mobile Homes / RV Parks

Temporary RV Permit

Temporary Use Permit


The board may grant variances from the terms of the Zoning Ordinance concerning the construction or placement of buildings and structures associated with permitted uses when, due to peculiar conditions, a strict interpretation would work an unnecessary hardship, if in granting the variance the general intent and purposes of the Zoning Ordinance will be preserved. "Peculiar conditions" must relate to the property on which the use is proposed and shall include exceptional narrowness, shallowness or shape, unusual topographic features, or other extraordinary features of the property or its surroundings which would result in unnecessary hardship for the owner if the Zoning Ordinance were strictly applied. No variance shall be granted if the hardship has been self-imposed by the owner or is a matter of mere inconvenience or personal preference. In granting a variance, appropriate conditions to preserve the intent and purposes of the Zoning Ordinance may be prescribed. A variance shall not be granted so as to allow a use not permitted by the regulations applicable to the zoning district in which the property is located.

Well Permit Application

Zone Change