Document Fee Schedule

All instruments unless otherwise specified view the A.R.S. 11-475 website.

Requirements for Recording

View the A.R.S. 11-480 website.

Each instrument shall have a print size no smaller than ten point type.

Each instrument shall be no larger than eight and one-half inches in width and no longer than fourteen inches.

Each instrument shall have at least one-half inch margin across the bottom. The first page shall have a top margin of at least two inches of vertical space from left to right and shall be reserved for recordation and return address information.

Flat Fee Rates

These fees apply whether documents are returned by mail or e-recorded, all other fees remain the same).

  • $30: All instruments
  • Affidavit of Property Value forms are included in the price of the deed for recording

Copy Fees

  • $1: Copies of Records (Per Page)
  • $3: Certified Copies (Per Document)
  • $1 per page + $3 for certification

Government & State Agencies ($15)

  • $1.50: Certified (per document)

No Charge

View the Military Discharge A.R.S. 11-465 website.

  • $35: Affidavit of Performance of Annual Labor

Surveys & Plats 

  • Must be reproducible Mylar
  • 18 inches x 24 inches or 24 inches by 36 inches
  • $24: First sheet
  • $20: For each sheet after the first

Government Agencies

  • $14: First sheet
  • $10: For each sheet after the first

Copies of Maps

  • $5: 18 inches by 24 inches
  • $7: 24 inches by 36 inches