Navajo County has a direct interest in reducing litter on Maintained County Roadways and Highways. This can be accomplished by litter cleanup and by encouraging motorists to dispose of litter properly. The Navajo County Adopt-a-Roadway Program assists in both ways.

This program encourages non-political organizations and individuals to pick up litter on a specific length of a Maintained County Roadway or Highway. Appropriate signs calling attention to the litter control effort and crediting the organizations or individuals for their work are erected by Navajo County as a thank you to the continual effort and support provided.


Only Maintained County Roadway or Highway sections which are considered suitable for this activity will be designated. The safety of Adopt-a-Roadway workers is a prime consideration.

Adoptable segments should be approximately two miles in length. Shorter lengths may be permitted in heavy litter areas, but not less than one mile.


Individuals, private corporations, non-profit organizations, and non-political organizations will be allowed to pick up litter on a designated section of a Maintained County Roadway or Highway under a modified Right-of-Way Use Permit subject to the rules and conditions specified herein.

Political organizations will not be granted permits under this program. This is in an effort to prevent what could be considered as endorsement signs.

Rules and Conditions

  1. No children under the age of twelve years may participate or be permitted in the right-of-way for any reason. The participating organization shall provide adequate supervision of at least one adult 21 years of age or older for every ten members under the age of 18 years.
  2. No alcoholic beverages are allowed at the Adopt-a-Roadway litter pick up site.
  3. The participating organization will appoint an Adopt-a-Roadway supervisor from its
  4. Membership to oversee its work in the right-of-way. All Adopt-a-Roadway supervisors must complete a one hour safety course given by Navajo County personnel before they supervise litter pick up work. All Adopt-a-Roadway workers are also encouraged to attend this safety course.
  5. All Adopt-a-Roadway workers will be instructed in safety precautions by their Adopt-a-Roadway Supervisor prior to each litter pick up.
  6. All Adopt-a-Roadway workers will at all times adhere to the safety requirement attached to the Right-of-Way Use Permit. Perform clean-up activities at least two times per year.
  7. The participating organization must coordinate their pick up schedules with the Navajo County Department of Public Works to prevent conflicts over the use of the Maintained County Roadway or Highway rights-of-way and to facilitate removal of the filled litter bags.
  8. Each participant (or the parent or guardian of a minor) will be required to sign the waiver for each pick up event before work commences in the right-of-way.
  9. The permit shall be issued for a minimum period of two years. It is renewable if the organization has adequately followed the requirements of the Right-of-Way Use Permit.
  10. The County Engineer may impose additional requirements and conditions as necessary

Navajo County Assistance

  1. Supply, erect and maintain the organization identification signs.
  2. Supply litter bags, and provide removal and disposal of filled litter bags.
  3. Provide safety vests to be worn by all Adopt-a-Roadway workers when working in the right-of-way. Vests belonging to Navajo County will be returned after the Right-of-Way Use Permit has expired.
  4. Provide temporary traffic control signs that will be placed at each end of the work area by the Adopt-a-Roadway supervisor. These signs will be returned after each pick up event.
  5. Provide training to the supervisors and interested participants.


Navajo County will provide information to anyone, however, for program utilization request; Navajo County must be contacted by a responsible representative of the interested organization:

  1. Contact Navajo County Public Works at either of our Holbrook or Show Low locations and specify interest in the Adopt-A-Roadway Program.
  2. Upon contact from an interested party, a Public Works representative will facilitate discussion and provide information about the Navajo County Adopt A Roadway program with a responsible representative of the interested organization, emphasizing that the program involves significant physical work which must be done safely on a reasonable frequency (at minimum twice per year) for at least two years.
  3. A modified Right-of-Way Use Permit must be completed by the applicant and approved by the Department of Public Works.
  4. Applicants arrange through the Department the safety training.
  5. Department personnel arrange for the fabrication and erection of signs.
  6. The participating organization schedules the pickup events and requests the issuance of safety vests, traffic control signs and litter bags at least 1 week in advance.
  7. Prior to event kick-off, the responsible organization's supervisor will submit a single waiver form signed by all participants. The waiver must be delivered or received by the county prior to event.