Common Flood Topics

General Information

This link will bring you to a local (non FEMA) map where users can locate flood hazard information based on address or by the Assessor's Parcel Number found on a property tax bill. Please select Flood Hazard Areas layer from the supporting layer drop down located in the New Search tab. Arizona is prone to Flash Flooding Hazards. These flooding hazards occur quickly in Summer events called Monsoons and also occur in winter when a snow storm is followed by a warmer rain. Detailed information regarding Know Your Flood Hazard can be found in the Navajo County:

Did you know that typical Homeowners insurance excludes floods as covered event? In order to protect your home and belongings from a flood event homeowners are encouraged to obtain flood insurance. Be sure to obtain flood insurance prior to a possible event. There is a 30 Day waiting period for Flood Insurance. 

Additional information is available from:

  • FloodSmart
  • NFIP  ('s)

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