Permits / Licensing

How to Obtain an Establishment Permit

  • For new fixed establishments, please complete the Plan Review Application. For existing fixed establishments, please complete the Permit Renewal Application.
  • Submit completed application(s) via email, mail, or in person at the Show Low Health Department:
  • New Establishments: Once your application and plan review is approved, a Health Inspector will contact you to schedule an inspection. During the inspection they will classify your establishment as one of the codes listed, which will also determine the permit fee(s):
    • Type 1 Establishments (Limited Preparation): Are those establishments that do not prepare any potentially hazardous foods. They may have limited storage of pre-packaged potentially hazardous foods.
    • Type 2 Establishments (Moderate Preparation): Are those establishments that store a significant amount of potentially hazardous foods, sell or prepare potentially hazardous foods. They have limited menus and may have potentially hazardous foods.
    • Type 3 Establishments (Complex Preparation): Are those establishments that have an extensive menu which requires the handling of raw ingredients; and is involved in the complex preparation of menu items that includes the cooking, cooling, and reheating of potentially hazardous foods.
Fee CodeFee NamePermit Fee
EH-1Type 1: Limited Establishment$200
EH-2Type 1: Plan Review$200
EH-3Type 2: Moderate Establishment$250
EH-4Type 2: Plan Review$250
EH-5Type 3: Complex Establishment$350
EH-6Type 3: Plan Review$350
EH-7Temporary Food Establishment$50
EH-8Seasonal Food$200
EH-9Hotel / Motel, 1 to 30 rooms$200
EH-10Hotel / Motel, 31-plus rooms$325
EH-11Campground / RV / Trailer Park$200
EH-12Waste Water Hauler$100 each
EH-13Water Hauler$100 each
EH-14Pool / Spa$100 each
EH-15Pool / Spa Plan Review$100
EH-16Re-Inspection Fee$100 per inspection
EH-17Late Notice: 30 days$50
EH-18Late Notice: 60 days$50
EH-19Late Notice: 90 days$50
EH-25Miscellaneous Plan Review Fee$150
  1. Pay for the permit in person, by mail, or phone at the Show Low Health Department. You may also pay online.
  2. After the permit payment is received, an establishment permit will be emailed from our online database, Health Space, to the email address listed on the permit application.
  3. Once you receive the permit, print and display in your establishment.