Highway Maintenance

Highway Maintenance team is the most visible group within Navajo County Public Works. These are the individuals who maintain the roads that have been accepted into the County Maintenance System. Roads maintenance cycles just like the seasons and each season brings about it own challenges. From dusty roads in the summer, muddy roads in the monsoons, to snow berms and icy roads in the winter. Our crews are there to keep the roads passible and safe.

Not all roads in Navajo County area maintained roads. Roads can be petitioned to be accepted into the County Maintenance System. Once a petition is received, staff will review the petition to make sure the road meets the requirements listed in our Road Maintenance Policy.

For road concerns or maintenance issues. Please check our interactive maps that show what roads Navajo County Maintains and if the road is part of our system. Please contact the closest road yard directly so that your concern can be entered into our maintenance system routed to the correct staff to resolve.

To report a road issue please use the following link: Report Road Issue

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