Helpful Information

Priority for Snow Removal / Cindering

  1. Major County Maintained arterial roads and school bus routes.
  2. Minor collector roads.
  3. Residential Roads designated and maintained by the county.

After an initial pass has been provided to above roadways, 1 to 3, and they are open to traffic, then work will begin on the following:

  1. Primitive Roads designated and maintained by the county.


In emergency situations the Sheriff’s Office may contact the Road Yard Supervisor so they can coordinate movement of emergency vehicles (ambulance, fire trucks, etc.). For emergencies call 911 or you can call the sheriff's office at one of the following numbers:

LocationEmergency Number
Show Low928-532-6060


Driveway clearing and cindering is the responsibility of the resident.


Mailboxes that are knocked down by the county equipment during snow removal be repaired by the County or its designee during the clean-up phase. The area surrounding the mailbox is the homeowner’s responsibility to clear.


It is the purpose of the initial pass to open roadways so as to permit responsible traffic flow. It is impossible to plow without leaving a windrow (which may affect) driveway entrances. The County does not have the equipment or manpower to address these windrows in the initial phases of snow removal. Hence the removal of the windrows will be addressed during the clean-up phase of the operation (generally within 24- 48 hours after the storm has passed) on County Maintained roads only.