Juvenile Restoration Services

General Information

Navajo County Probation offers life skills at The H.U.B. (Hope, Unity, Belief). Also, Probation operates a Respite Facility, an Assessment Center, and Juvenile Restoration services.

The Navajo County Juvenile Restoration Center is designed as a holding facility for juveniles who are arrested and pending the formal filing of delinquent or adult charges, pending adjudication or have been adjudicated, but are awaiting disposition, placement or are confined here as a condition of probation or by order of the court. The goals behind good detention programming are to positively reinforce socially acceptable behavior. With supervision and guidance by the detention staff, the detainees may become aware of the seriousness of committing crimes and the consequences which result.

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Information

Federal PREA Standard 115.354: The agency shall establish a method to receive third-party reports of sexual abuse and sexual harassment and shall distribute public information on how to report sexual abuse and sexual harassment on behalf of the resident.

To report sexual abuse and sexual harassment on behalf of a juvenile detainee or juvenile probationer, please contact PREA Coordinator Kirsti Hancock via phone at 928-524-4144 or email.

For Third Party Reporting for alleged sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and sexual assault, please complete the Third Party Reporting for Alleged Sexual Abuse Form (PDF) and return it to PREA Coordinator Kirsti Hancock via email.

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