Property & Evidence

Property & Evidence

The Property and Evidence Division is staffed by one full-time Property and Evidence Technician and a volunteer. The responsibilities of the Property and Evidence Technician include:

Processing, documenting and storing evidence and other types of property impounded by police officers. The Property and Evidence Technician ensures the items are properly packaged to meet State requirements, and ensure the integrity of the "chain of custody" that begins with the officer acquiring the items.

Providing evidence to the courts and/or attorneys. This includes photocopying, duplicating audio and video tapes and maintaining the "chain of custody" on all items.

Protecting and returning items that fall under the categories of "Safekeeping" and "Found Property" to the rightful owners.

Unclaimed Property

The Property and Evidence Department currently holds a number of unclaimed personal items. To claim any item, a photo I.D. is required.

Current Unclaimed Property

View the List of Expiring Property February 13, 2022 (PDF).

Please call 928-524-4728 for an appointment to claim your property.