February Lien Sale Instructions

Next Tax Lien Sale: February 14th, 2024

Public notice is hereby given, according to Arizona Revised Statutes, article 42, section 18109, that I will offer, through the services of RealAuction, an Electronic Tax Lien Sale, on the following Real Property Taxes for the year 2022 that have not been paid in full.  This will be held on the 14th day of February 2024, commencing at the hour of 7 am of said day, in batches. The first batch will close at 8 am, with each batch closing at 1-hour intervals until the last batch closes at noon Mountain Standard Time.    

Interested bidders can view and post bids beginning 8 am February 5, 2024 at https://navajo.arizonataxsale.com. Once the batch closes on the date of the sale, successful bidders will be held responsible for completing the purchase. Final payments must be made no later than 4 pm on February 14, 2024, through RealAuction. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Bidders MUST do their own research or hire qualified professional advisors, to learn and understand what they are purchasing and what their rights and liabilities may be with regard to their purchases.  Legal descriptions are available at:


For detailed instructions, F.A.Q.s, bidder registration, and bidding procedures, go to https://navajo.arizonataxsale.com or contact RealAuction Customer Service at 877-361-7325.    



  • All CP holders can pay the subsequent taxes after June 1st of each year. You will not be notified of taxes due, you must inquire.
  • If you have multiple CPs on the same parcel, the owner may redeem one CP at a time.
  • Redemptions are accepted by postmark - during times of heavy mail, redemptions may be delayed.
  • The CP books will be closed beginning January 1st until approximately the first week in March each year.
  • Invest wisely--look at the property before you buy a lien. Normally, you don’t get something for nothing.
  • As of December 31, 2003, all CP holders are responsible to apply for a judgment deed on the property through Navajo County Superior Court. We advise that you use an attorney for this procedure.
  • The list of parcels and taxes available are from our public notification requirement as listed in the official newspaper of record for Navajo County. As of January 1, these tax amounts are for previous years that have not been paid. This notification informs property owners of the delinquency and allows them time to pay these taxes and remove the property from the sale. Therefore, many of these parcels will not be available for certificate purchase.
  • Some parcels may not be available for sale due to outstanding bankruptcies on the property. The amounts listed are taxes only, and do not reflect interest, penalties, and fees required to purchase the certificate. They also do not reflect partial payments made or prior certificates outstanding that need to be bought out.

The data provided is for your convenience. Please contact the Treasurer's Office if you need additional information about specific properties.