Active Early Voting List


Arizona now has a new law that allows a voter to place their name on an "Active Early Voting List".

What this means is that once you are on this list, for each election you qualify for, you no longer have to request an early ballot to be mailed to you. Instead, by being on this list, an early ballot will automatically be mailed to you approximately 26 days prior to that election.

Having the ballot early will allow you more time to review the ballot, study the issues, research the candidates and vote at your convenience. All early ballots must be received in the Office of the County Recorder, by other officers in charge of elections, or deposited at any polling place in the county of residence, no later than 7 pm on Election Day.

In order to be included on the "Active Early Voting List", the voter must make a written request specifically asking that their name be added to the permanent list. The request must include the voter's name, residence address, mailing address within the state you reside, date of birth, and signature.

We have a form below that you can print and sign available for your convenience. It is not required to use this specific form to make your request. If you do not have access to print this form, you can either contact our call center at 928-524-4192 to have one mailed to you OR you can make a written request asking to be added to the list. Again, the request must include your name, residence address, mailing address within the State they reside (if different than the residence address), date of birth, and your signature.

No matter how you decide to cast your ballot, early or at the polls, make sure your voice is heard through the sound of your vote

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