Tobacco Cessation & Prevention Education


To provide knowledge through education so all citizens of Navajo County have the skills needed to live a long, healthy and active life Nicotine free.

Navajo County Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Program is staffed with fully trained specialist in evidenced based programs offered throughout Navajo County to help citizens learn the skills needed to become free of nicotine and learn about the dangers of nicotine and how it affects your life. 

Program Services

Youth Coalitions 

  • Our Team works with schools, community groups, and other local organizations to recruit youth who want to make a difference in their community.
  • Youth and leaders attend training offered through collaboration with other counties and sponsored programs to help youth learn skills in public speaking, dangers of tobacco use, and how to beat peer pressure. 

Youth Diversion 

  •  This program is designed to work with local courts/schools and youth who have been caught with tobacco or tobacco products. To provide them with education on the laws and the dangers of tobacco use.

ASHlineTobacco Dependency Quit Support

  • Partnering with the Arizona Smokers Help Line (ASHLine) we provide an 800 number that citizens of Navajo County can use to get help with their tobacco dependency, tips to quit and support through a counselor as well as NRT replacement therapy.
  • ASHLine is also online with great inter-active tools to help you start and continue through your quitting process.

Retailer Education Training

  • Working with the Attorney General’s office and local courts we offer a retailer’s education class for employers and employees who have failed a state inspection.

Tobacco / Wellness Policy Assistance

  •  Our team is trained to help assist in policy review and/or policy creations of a nicotine free workplace.
  1. Darcey McKee

    Tobacco Cessation Program Manager