Proposition 421 will be on the ballot August 27, 2019

Prop 421

Facing the loss of $2.5 million in annual tax revenues from the declining coal industry, the Navajo County Board of Supervisors approved Sheriff David Clouse’s recommendation to create a sustainable funding source for public safety by sending the formation of a Jail District to voters in August.

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The County is facing a potential staff reduction of up to 20-25% if a new revenue source is not found. Due to revenue losses since 2008, the County has already:

  • Cut staffing by 16 percent
  • Reduced capital spending 75%
  • Eliminated the Juvenile Detention program
  • Eliminated the County Attorney’s Child Support program

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Former Sheriff Clark: "The Jail District allows our officers keep Navajo County safe. It helps us respond to 911 calls faster and helps to ensure we keep your homes and our schools are safe."

Without the support of the Jail District, the Sheriff's Office is facing the potential loss of 8 patrol Deputies and additional Detention Officers:

  • Would increase average emergency response times to nearly 20 minutes and would be unable to provide consistent 24-hour coverage
  • Increases caseloads for Detectives and may be unable to investigate lower-level crimes such as Burglary, Property Crimes and Trespassing
  • Unable to provide critical support and backup to local police
  • Less Public Safety presence at schools

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Brad Carlyon: "The Jail District is about keeping our residents safe and making sure that police and prosecutors have the resources we need to fight crime. If we do not take action, we may no longer be able to prosecute low-level felonies and many misdemeanors. 911 calls will take longer to answer, and crime may very well rise."

Without the support of the Jail District, the County could lose 3 prosecutors and valuable court services:

  • May be unable to prosecute crimes such as shoplifting, DUI, and property crimes
  • Eliminates needed drug and alcohol addiction programs
  • Eliminates programs that help people get back to work and stay out of jail
    • Cuts specialized services to help veterans

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