Adult Workshop: Raising Resilient Kids in a Tech Heavy World

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Presenter Bio

Nate Webb is a professional High School counselor, and expert in resiliency, bullying, and mental health.  Nate grew up in a small town and endured severe bullying as a kid.  After high school, Nate served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to the Philippines.  Afterwards, he went to Utah State University where he met his beautiful wife and got his degrees in behavioral psychology and school counseling.  Through his studies as a counselor, Nate realized his passion for helping kids overcome the bullies and unkindness that used to rule his life.  So, he founded Bullies Be Gone, a platform to advocate for youth and empower them to let kindness be king.  Nate speaks at schools all around to help educate teens and parents about bullying, improve resiliency, and inform about the growing dangers of social media. 

Workshop Description 

This presentation is designed to educate parents on the unique challenges their children are facing in this digital age.  This training will focus on educating parent’s about bullying, but also how to be identify and work with your child to overcome and heal.    

Please click this URL at the time of the event to join.

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