Keynote: Lexie Smith-The Neurobiology of Trauma

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Who is Lexie?  

Lexie Smith has been a professional in the field of human trafficking prevention and victim services since 2009. She received her degree in psychology from Lee University in Cleveland, TN and has remained a neurobiology enthusiast over the years studying the brain and trauma. Her interests are naturally driven by understanding her own trauma and healing process as a survivor of sex trafficking from ages 10-12 years old in the suburbs of Chicago. She enjoys helping professionals understand how to serve the exploited community better and welcomes conversation after her speech.




The Neurobiology of Trauma

Description: No Matter how tenured participants are, everyone can expect to walk away with a renewed understanding and empathy for the individuals they serve.  It is full of lightbulb moments that can help connect the dots and eliminate the question marks that often lead to burnout or compassion fatigue.  This unique talk breaks down the neurobiology of trauma and is presented by a transparent, well-recovered survivor of complex trauma. 

Here are what previous professionals had to Lexie:

“The way you broke down all the neurobiology behind this topic was incredibly easy to follow and understand. I truly appreciate you speaking to us!”