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As part of the response to COVID-19 and pursuant to Executive Order 2020-40, employees and members of the public are required to wear face masks in County facilities when physical distancing is not possible and physical barriers are not available. 

- Court services remain open -

It's our goal to keep you, your families and staff healthy! So, as we work together to keep each other safe, County offices will remain staffed and ready to help you by phone, email, mail, or on the County website, In-person services will be available by appointment only.

Main Department Contacts

For a printable list of the phone numbers and email addresses below, click here.

Assessor   (928) 524-4086   [email protected]  
Elections   (928) 524-4062    [email protected]  
Clerk of the Court   (928) 524-4188    [email protected]  
County Attorney   (928) 524-4026    [email protected]  
Emergency  Management   (928) 524-4000    [email protected]  
Superior Court   (928) 524-4223    [email protected]  
Library District   (928) 524-4740       [email protected]  
Public Defender   (928) 524-4080    [email protected]  
Public Fiduciary   (928) 524-4353    [email protected]  
Public Health   (928) 532-6050    [email protected]  
PW / Planning & Zoning  (928) 532-6040   [email protected] 
[email protected]  
PW / Engineering / Flood   (928) 524-4100    [email protected]  
Sheriff   (928) 524-4050   [email protected]  
Recorder   (928) 524-4194    [email protected]  
Superintendent of Schools   (928) 524-4204    [email protected]  
Treasurer   (928) 524-4172    [email protected]  
Voter Registration   (928) 524-4192   [email protected]  
Clerk of the Board / 
Administration / Drop-off 
Bid Packages & Proposals  
(928) 524-4053    [email protected]