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Court Administration


luann garbini
Superior Court Administrator

 The Court Administrator assists the Presiding Judge in exercising administrative supervision over the Superior Court and Judges in Navajo County. Judicial branch business includes general supervision over all court personnel, prescribing additional powers and duties of the Clerk of the Court, maintaining court buildings and facilities, identifying and developing programs that provide alternative methods for efficient resolution to matters before the Court, and to promulgate local rules and administrative policies and procedures.
Specified duties include maintaining records and statistics of cases and court business, judicial assignment of matters before the Court, publishing all assignments and calendars; advising parties of the status of court calendars, coordinating with the Clerk of Court to accomplish the prompt and orderly disposition of Court business, and preparing the Court's budget.

The Office of the Court Administrator assists Navajo County General and Limited Jurisdiction Courts with:

  • caseflow managementazjustice
  • records management
  • financial management
  • human resources management 
  • judicial education and training
  • court security
  • technical support
  • collection and fee deferral services
  • interpreter services
  • law library and public resources
  • specialty courts and programs such as Drug Court and CASA

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