When do I need a building permit?
  • If the remodeling or construction value of the project is estimated more than $1000 for the labor and materials, then a building permit is required.
  • Any shed or structure that is greater than 200 square feet requires a building permit.
  • If a storage shed is equal to or under 200 square feet, no permit is required. Placement of small sheds under this 200 square feet must be in the rear of the property, 5 feet from any other structure, 10 feet from the septic system, and in conformance with the respective setbacks.
  • Any accessory buildings including well houses, sheds, and portable buildings that have any Electric, Plumbing, or any utilities regardless of size would need a Building Permit and meet Navajo County Addenda and Additions requirements.
  • See page 8 of the Navajo County Addenda and Additions for additional information.

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