How can I get my road maintained by the County?

Navajo County is governed by State Statutes as to how public funds are spent on roadways. If the road in question is not currently in the Navajo County Road Maintenance System and has not been accepted by the Board of Supervisors for maintenance, then the use of HURF funds is governed by State Statute §28-6705 which states: "The Board of Supervisors may expend public funds for maintenance of public roads and streets other than legally designated state and county highways located outside the limits of an incorporated city or town. Before expending public funds thereon, such roads or streets shall be laid out, opened and constructed Without Cost to the County and fully completed in accordance with a plat approved pursuant to §11-802 and §11-806.1, and in Accordance with Standard Engineering Road Specifications adopted by the County Board of Supervisors to insure uniform compliance. Public funds may be expended by the Board of Supervisors for maintenance of public roads and streets laid out, constructed and opened prior to June 13, 1990 even if such roads and streets were not constructed in accordance with subsection “A” of this section. A hand out can be provided with more detailed information.

Road Improvement District

Another method provided by State Statute for improving a roadway that does not qualify for public funds is to form a Road Improvement District. The basic requirement for formation of such a district is that a consensus to incur the necessary expenses must be reached by either a majority of the persons owning property or the owners of 51% of the property within the limits of the proposed district by time the application is heard by the BOS. It is suggested that a super majority it obtained to limit the chance that the percentage will drop lower than 51%. Each parcel will then be assessed an equitable share of the costs on each parcel’s tax bill. Please contact the Engineering Department for more information.

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