How can I have my road abandoned?

The Board of Supervisors of Navajo County is solely authorized to grant the abandonment of public rights-of-way within the unincorporated areas of Navajo County. The process to have an abandonment request reviewed and submitted to the Board of Supervisors is explained in the Roadway Abandonment Policy and Procedures. This document also contains an Application Form that must be submitted with any applicable fees. For questions or for more information, please contact the Engineering Department. All checks shall be made out to Navajo County Public Works.

Navajo County will evaluate applications and inform the applicant of staff support or if staff cannot support the application. If staff does not support the application, the applicant will have the option to have the application withdrawn where the fee will not be cashed or continue to have the application presented to the Board without staff support. Navajo County would then cash the check, create the Agenda Item and send out notices to those potentially affected by the proposed abandonment.

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