What is Navajo County and ROW Fencing?

Navajo County is generally not in charge of fence repairs. Typically, ranchers or leasers of grazing rights are responsible for fencing cattle from leaving the leased land. However, Navajo County is also an open range County where large ranches do not need to place fencing between adjoining properties separated by a road. As an Open Range, property owners are required to fence out cattle from their property instead of ranchers being require fencing in their cattle.

Navajo County does have a few Corridors that have been identified as being safety issue due to changes introduced by Navajo County that is maintained by the County. Additionally, Navajo County has a Fencing Policy that is a cost share between property owners and the County for large corridors. Please contact Navajo County Engineering for more information, availability, requirements, and applications.

It is important to file reports when striking cattle or finding cattle that have been struck alongside the road. Tracking cattle strikes is important to Navajo County and is used as part of our Fencing Policy to identify and help verify safety issue. Currently, there is a lack of reporting incidence limiting our knowledge of issues within rural Navajo County.

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