Why is my road being changed to a gravel/dirt road?

Navajo County does not change asphalt road back to gravel or dirt. However, many roads have had surface treatments that helped to keep maintenance down. Typically, a double chip sealed is used. This is only ¼ inch to ½ inch thick and once it becomes damage is difficult to maintain. Once damage enough, the chip seal must be removed so that the gravel or dirt road can be maintained again until funding and evaluation of necessity warrants a new chip seal project. Many double chip seals were conducted with special funding from Grants. Secure Rural Schools funded a local Resource Advisory Committee which had projects competing for different grants. This program has been severely cut and is often not available. In some cases, Navajo County has enough funding to re-chip smaller gravel/dirt roads as part of our Capital Improvement Plan.

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15. Why is my road being changed to a gravel/dirt road?