What if I think my taxes are WRONG?

The Treasurer's Office cannot change the amount of your tax unless directed to make the change by the Board of Supervisors. If you believe your taxes are incorrect because of the assessed valuation, classification, exemption amount, or you were assessed a tax for an incorrect political subdivision, the Navajo County Assessor's Office can initiate the required correction. We will make the change once we receive direction from the Board of Supervisors. We always recommend that you pay the incorrect amount of tax. If the correction is made after the delinquency date, you will be charged interest on the unpaid amount of tax. If you pay the incorrect amount and your tax is lowered, we will refund you the overpayment of tax plus interest at the prevailing rate established by the Arizona Department of Revenue. If your taxes are increased, you will be allowed 90 days to pay the increased amount of tax without interest. Any balance due on the original amount will be charged interest.

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