What are certified funds and why are they required?

Certified funds are monies that are guaranteed by the bank. This includes cash, cashier's checks, and money orders. Certified funds are necessary when the tax payment required is for the redemption or purchase of a tax lien. 

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1. When is the next tax lien sale?
2. Where will the sale be held?
3. What are the hours of the sale?
4. Where can I obtain the list of the parcels being offered at the sale?
5. Can anyone bid at the sale?
6. How do I register to bid?
7. What type of payment is accepted?
8. Does the Treasurer’s Office help in researching parcel information?
9. Are there any fees associated with the purchase of a lien?
10. When do I pay?
11. When will I receive my certificate?
12. When will the tax liens not purchased at the tax lien sale be available for purchase?
13. What is the foreclosure process and will the County handle the foreclosure process for a fee?
14. Does your county hold a deed/land sale in addition to a tax lien sale?
15. After purchasing a tax lien, when can I pay the subtaxes for the current year?
16. Can I make a partial payment on a tax lien?
17. What are certified funds and why are they required?