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Independent Voters FAQ

  • 21 August 2018
  • Author: Brit Ferguson
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Can I request a non-partisan ballot?
Local jurisdictions (cities and towns) sometimes have non-partisan elections that can coincide with the statewide primary election. Independent voters who wish to vote in the statewide primary election, must choose either: A partisan ballot (Democratic, Green or Republican)*. Partisan ballots also contain the non-partisan jurisdictional elections. Or, A non-partisan, jurisdictional only ballot. These ballots only contain the non-partisan, local jurisdiction election (such as a non-partisan City Council race).  Independent voters need to contact their county recorder's office to make their selection.

*The Libertarian Party has a closed primary.

Can independent voters vote in the primary election?
Yes. Arizona has an Open Primary and voters that are not registered with a recognized political party (Independents) are able to request a partisan ballot. Who gets which ballot in a primary election?

Democratic Voter → Democratic Party Ballot
Green Voter → Green Party Ballot
Libertarian Voter → Libertarian Party Ballot
Republican Voter → Republican Party Ballot
Independent Voter → Democratic OR Green OR Republican Party Ballot (may only choose one)*

*The Libertarian Party has a closed primary. Independent voters who vote by mail must contact their County Recorder to designate which partisan ballot they want mailed to them. Local, non-partisan ballots may be available. Check with your county recorder's office.

Can I vote early in the primary?
Absolutely. If you are registered with a political party and on the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL), you will automatically receive a ballot in your mailbox. Independent voters that are on PEVL must contact their County Recorder to designate which partisan ballot (or potentially a non-partisan ballot if available) they would like to receive. Voters not on PEVL may make a one-time early ballot request or sign up for the Permanent Early Voting List, by contacting their county recorder's office.

Navajo County Recorder’s office – (928) 524-4192 or 800-668-3867

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