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Navajo County developing a response to new fiscal challenges.

  • 10 January 2017
  • Author: Brit Ferguson
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Holbrook, AZ – As 2017 begins, Navajo County is working to develop a budgetary plan to face upcoming challenges with county revenue.

These include:

Pending closure of the Navajo Generating Station:

  • Would result in the likely closure of the Kayenta Mine, costing the region hundreds of jobs, impacting many Navajo families, communities and Navajo County.

Pending closure of the Cholla Power Plant’s remaining generators:

  • After closing just one unit at Cholla in 2016, the County saw a drop of nearly $30 million in property value
  • This decrease is property value reduced property tax by $206,000
  • When the other three units close, we would see a similar impact from each unit

Mandated changes to Court Security:

  • Enhanced security protocols mandated by the State will require new expenditures for capital and security personnel
    • Like other counties around Arizona, Navajo County is looking for ways to create greater efficiency in our court system and precincts

Potential increase in cost for retirement plans:

  • Navajo County faces large increases to some of the State Retirement Plans in the coming years
    • Rates are set for the current year, but increases are expected in 2018

Potential loss of federal inmates:

  • The County receives nearly $1.3 million in revenue from housing federal inmates
    • Although this is an important funding source, it is not guaranteed each year and is typically used for one-time expenditures

We are presenting these obstacles to the public at this time to educate our communities on the issues we are facing as a County, as well as let them know we are aware of the problems and are working toward finding creative solutions to improve government efficiency and services.

Members of the Board of Supervisors have been meeting with State Legislators to educate and develop partnerships to address these challenges and progress our communities forward.

See County Manager James Jayne and Assistant County Manager Bryan Layton provide more detail on the challenges facing Navajo County, as well as the proactive approach our government is taking to address these concerns on January's Navajo County Connection.

(Assistant County Manager Bryan Layton presented these issues to the Board of Supervisors during their meeting on Jan. 10th)



For more information:
Contact Adam Wolfe
Navajo County Communications Manager
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